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Foldylock Compact Grey


As strong and dependable as a FoldyLock Classic, but in a smaller, more light-weight design. Indestructible and compact. There when you need it, unnoticeable when you don't.

Will be available June 1st.

How tough is the Foldylock Compact?

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Customer Reviews

Based on 178 reviews
Best lock I've owned

The Seatly lock is so much better than my previous U-lock and I believe that it is more secure than a cable lock (so easy to cut through with bolt cutters!) I've been able to trap my wheel and frame everywhere I've parked. I could not always say that about the U-lock. On top of being a highly effective lock, it looks good too!

Easy to use, mount could use a little improvement

Bought to go on a Juiced CCX, which has a fairly large battery. The lock is easy to use and is very secure, with enough length to go around the rear wheel & frame and mount to a post/rack. Not nearly long enough to reach the front wheel, but no folding lock is going to handle that. My only minor gripe (so only four stars) is that the mount to attach it to the bottle bosses has about 3/4" of stand-off from the frame, so the furthermost edge of the lock sits about 2-1/4" from the frame. On my bike, attached to the underside of the top-tube, I had just barely enough room to clear the battery when taking the lock out of the mount.

Way better than a u-lock

I had my keys (among other things) stolen so it was time to replace my u-lock from 1998. Did a little research and found the Seaty Lock. I love this lock. I love using it. So much more flexible and useful than a u-lock. I would recommend this to anyone. I love the little holder that bolts into the water bottle cage braze ons as well. Super convenient. I never leave reviews. The Seaty Lock is just that good.

FoldyLock & the 3 Cares

I had three concerns when shopping for a lock for my new e-bike:
1. Security. This thing is a beast, and I am quite confident leaving my bike unattended.
2. Functionality. Very easy to use, can secure frame or wheel.
3. Aesthetics. It's beautiful, and it doesn't hurt that it matches my ride, yo!

Best lock ever

I am so impressed with this lock. It is everything you could wish for and more. I would recommend to everyone