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Foldylock Compact Black


As strong and dependable as a FoldyLock Classic, but in a smaller, more light-weight design. Indestructible and compact. There when you need it, unnoticeable when you don't.


How tough is the Foldylock Compact?

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Type: Bicycle Locks

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Customer Reviews

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Super secure...with the weight to prove it

I love how secure this lock feels, certainly feels more secure than with a traditional cable lock. The weight is more than I realized, I guess I just didn't pay that much attention when I ordered it. I'm still really glad that I got it, but it isn't going to be the right lock for every occasion, at least, not for me. But when I lock up my bike in town I feel way better having this lock. I know it's costly, but it's worth the peace of mind.

love my foldylocks

just received my 2nd foldylock compact - a good product - not cheap but good quality security for your bicycle

Compact and secure

This amazing bike lock is really compact yet once deployed it a very substantial, and secure lock with ample room to go around even the chunkiest of frames as well as a secure ground anchor such as railings or a bike rack?

Recommending Foldylock Compact

I researched a lot before making the purchase. Must be the best "bang for the buck". And I wanted something firmly attachable, no jingle bells on my bike.
It took less than 2 weeks and 6 days to arrive to Estonia which is awesome, considering that I ordered late at Friday evening and our postal service has moved to new premises (and moving could always create some mess). No extra fees (transport, VAT, customs).
It was very nicely packed for transport and the product's packing looks great. Gift keychain looks nice and handy, extra stickers (hopefully they are durable enough for the open environment use). And the discount coupon.
Locking of the bike, of course, looses some speed and comfort, definitely can't lock two bikes around a tree anymore as I could with my Magnum Cable Lock but one bike safe is better than two bikes stolen, right?

The price is high (more than 20% of my bike's price) but I know from experience: if you buy bike but no real lock, soon no bike nor money.
Keep up with great work and fingers crossed they won't invent anything clever against you like it happened with Litelok (see in Youtube).

Compact, cool-looking & handy

Bought a few of these for various bikes - mainly for security vs weight considerations. Easy to open and set up. No rattles when riding! Looks neat and cool on bike in bright yellow. Two options for fixing to frame handy. Not yet been subject of a robbery attempt (fingers crossed never!) so cannot attest to its strength or survivabilty.