Foldylock Classic - SEATYLOCK


Foldylock Classic

An impenetrably strong lock which conveniently attaches right to your bike. Solid, hardened-steel with drill protected rivets make bolt-cutters a non-issue

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    Skylar Nichols
    Just as awesome as I hoped it would be!

    Fits much easier than the classic U lock and is also easier to fit around whatever you need to lock your bike to. I don't leave my bike outside overnight but I did invest in a small wire cord to loop around my front tire and into this lock for whenever I have to leave it unwatched for any serious amount of time––but that's just because its a new bike :)


    Bought this as a gift for my daughter after she saw a friend using one. She rides her bike everywhere and has, until now, been using a coiled cable lock. In contrast to the constant fear of getting her bike stolen with one quick cut through cable, this device is heavy-duty enough to feel secure and still folds up tight enough to be convenient for transport. Excellent quality, and has so far fit anything that the bike has needed to be locked to. Highly recommend.

    Mohd Ashraf Hidayat Bin Basri
    Safety Guarantee

    Been confident with the safety of the lock . Easy to fold up . Good product and affordable with the price and quality

    Roland Moschgat
    perfekt lock

    Use it over 4 weeks , works
    Thank you for this lock , perfekt :)

    James Swinehart
    Great lock

    I love this heavy duty lock and feel very secure that my electric bike is in safe hands. Also really like the convenient carry case that attaches to a standard water bottle mount.

    Pedro Gelabert
    The strongest/nicest lock!

    This lock is a monster. No one will be able to cut through it! Heavey duty! I love that it folds into a compact shape for easy storage and travel.

    Shane G.
    Great locks for our e-bikes!

    We love the seatylocks and even love that the keys all work for both locks. An added perk we didn’t realize when making the purchase. Thanks for a great product!

    Dana Madar
    Saved my bike

    My bike almost got stolen, but the couldn't saw this lock. Awesome lock, worth every penny

    Maria Sklavos
    Excellent value for money

    I have two bikes that I use interchangeably depending on the ride, and it is so great to have a lock on each of them that only utilize one key. One thing I will say to those who may have smaller frames, make sure there is enough space to pull the lock out of the case. My Cannondale CAAD3 is a 52cm and I used to have the Compact Foldylock which fit perfectly. I decided to upgrade to the 2-locks-1-key system and, though I am happy the safety rating is better on them, the extra cm make it hard to remove the lock from the holder without inadvertently hitting the lock on the bottom of the top tube. Also, they are heavier than I'd like but I live in a city and will not compromise on security.

    All in, I recommend!

    Devin Raymond
    We are a bike shop and these are our #1 preferred locks

    EZE Ryders Electric Bikes in San Diego prefers Seatylock over Abus or Kryptonite as our preferred lock for great value and strength.

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