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Carton of 6 Foldylock Compact Black In store (6*FC001BK)


A premium folding bike lock features the best combination between weight, strength and design

How tough is the Foldylock Compact?

Collections: EU Market Wholesale

Type: Bicycle Locks

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Customer Reviews

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Great product - delivery too long

The product is great, it looks great on the bike and is great to use and carry. The delivery however was way too long and did not correspond to what was announced on the webshop. But that is a detail.


Couldn’t make a better investment. Foldylock was the best I could find. I feel comfortable away from my bike with foldylock. Approximately $100 for foldylock compared to a $1000 bike, why go cheap, go foldylock! Compact and versatile. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
This is not a payed endorsement. From really people like you.

Lovely looking

Fits snug, super practical, doubles up as nunchuks. Excellent

Best portable lock

Easy to use and transport. Smooth unlocking. Ideal balance between lightweight and security. Recommended!

35 year citybiker, had 20 locks in daily practice, THIS IS THE VERY BEST EVER: 5 years in use!

Big respect for the makers. I mean really BIG. In Amsterdam you need a tough lock. Most locks rust or oxidize, are akward to handle (U shape, rattling chain chipping your paint because cloth protection wore off) get cut to easily or have akward key access. Almost all keymechisms fail within 2/3 years if your are lucky, or key's break... Foldy Lock never failed. My bike is parked outside in sun, wind and lots of rain, 365 days a year. Even when it's freezing no problem with the mechanism. (German lockmakers like ABUS don't come even close to this quality and design). And, as icing on the cake: it is also the best looking lock I ever had - inlcusing the indestructable key. Great lockholder too! PS The only thing that ever broke was the rubber band of the lockholder after four years, which was stretched at least two times a day in my case - and I got a free replacement. So FoldyLock know what service is too. Maybe standard deliver an extra one with each lock, to keep with your spare key (so people don't loose 'm in drawer).