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Customer Reviews

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I arrive on time and without problems

It took me a while to buy this product, and I preferred to invest in this lock because I totally trust the brand.
The product looks of excellent quality and in summary: better safe than sorry.

Greg WG
Forever Seatylock

What a great product! Well made, well designed and the holder is secure on the bike frame, holding the lock in place no matter what. Easy to use and practical.
My son's expensive eBike was stolen after only being secured with a cable lock. I then did a lot of research on bike locks and purchased a Forever Seatylock for my eBike. It is longer than a D Lock, enabling it to be attached to bike stands and posts more easily. The links are very solid hardened steel and the rivets have washers to prevent cutting. No lock will stop a very determined thief, but the Forever lock will certainly make them think again. It's not easily defeated. It also looks great! The gold lock is a nice touch.

David Bindner
replacement keys work perfect

replacement keys work perfect. thank you for doing a great job making my replacements.


Nice & convenient

David Green
Mighty lock

Got the Forever Seatlock for my new ebike - I didn't want to take a chance! It's a pretty impressive folding lock that fits neatly into its holder which attaches to the frame. It's a bit too big to go on the lower part of the step through frame but attaches just fine to the top part of my Specialised Vado 4. There's no rattling even at 30kph plus and it's large enough to fit around 2 bikes. All in all, this feels like a great lock that someone is going to have to work hard - very hard - to get past.

Rick Thomas
worth the $0.98

Worth the $0.98 to keep track of something I care about being shipped here. Would probably do it again.

Julieta Reyes Arango


Why not?!

Definitely worthwhile, although I didn’t need it as the shipping was so quick, by the time the tracking started working it was delivered!

Ryan Lockhart
Improvement on an already great lock

I own over 10 bike locks and use a combination of them for a variety of situations but this one is the one I always have on me and often the only one I bring when I am going to make nothing but a super quick stop. It is easy to stow and I never know it's there. I love that it makes zero noise in its slip case. I recently upgraded from the Fldylock classic to this Foreverlock because it is longer which makes it easier to get around a stationary object. Plus it's thicker so would take a little bit longer to grind through. Great product.

Frank Metzger
Foldylock compact

Worked flawlessly as expected

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