Carton of 6 Viking Silver 140 - SEATYLOCK


Carton of 6 Viking Silver 140

Viking Silver is the lighter-Medium-Security version in our Chain lock family. It provides a decent security level without compromising on comfort


    Customer Reviews

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    Eddie Goynes Jr
    I Love it so Much that...

    I Love it so much that I asked my local bike shop this morning (Saipan Bike Pro) to start buying them wholesale, so we can purchase more. They initially offered me another brand, but I said NO. I already got robbed once with a cheap lock and recovered it 2 weeks later, Now I just purchased a new Cannondale Trail 7 (30 June 2023). This morning (26 July 2023) I just ordered 2 new bikes for my young Niece & Nephew (age 7 & 9) and 'REQUIRED ONLY SEATYLOCKs'!!! Thanks Again, from a New Valued Customer!

    Megan E.
    Great Bike Chain!

    I purchased two of these for our bikes and couldn't be happier with this product. It's light enough to throw in a backpack or wrap around the bike frame for transport but it's solid enough to present a real deterrent to any would-be thieves. I'd recommend this bike chain to anyone!

    Justin Splett
    Great lock, Very secure key

    The lock has a great feel. Very nice sleeve that won't scratch a frame. I feel confident in it. Shipped out quickly and fair price compared with other brands. Will look to this company for any future security needs

    Jesse H
    Small but mighty

    I have been eyeing the seatylock locks for a bit, and I caught a sale on the viking light 90 over the holiday that gave me the extra nudge to give this lock a try! I needed a lock that is smaller & lighter that still feels sturdy and secure for an electric scooter I'm using to commute to work and take on errands. What I really like about this lock is that there is just enough chain length to wrap one time around the front tube of my e-scooter and then around a pole or bike rack so that there's no leftover slack - it gets a snug fit so I can feel confident that the lock and scooter are all going to stay in one place while it's locked up. It doesn't add much weight to my backpack either (it's lighter than my laptop). The neoprene sleeve around the chain is a nice touch, and the locking mechanism is much better than top lock brands like kryptonite (have had issues with my krpyto locks seizing up, rendering them unusable). I have high hopes that the locking mechanism will withstand the elements of a Chicago winter, and spring/fall rains!!

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