Seatylock Trekking

A sleek, aerodynamic seat which quickly and conveniently turns into a great bike lock. Fast and easy to take on and off. Trekking model designed for optimal agility.

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    Cuong Tran
    Seatylock review

    When I got the seatylock The set up was easy, the seat was really comfy and it’s good for a quick stop at any shop to lock it.

    samuel romero

    Excellente seat and very comfortable

    Jeannette McDonald

    I cannot say enough things about this lock! What a great space saver and amazing security with this lock. I also get a lot of folks commenting how amazing my bike looks with this seat/lock. Very satisfied with this product!!!

    Dada Longlegs
    High Riser

    I don't mind the 3 inch rise of my seat. Great product 👌

    Steven Allison
    Great seat

    Put the product on. It works great. Seat is comfortable and the lock works great. Would recommend this product

    Don Nelson
    A darn slick lock!

    This system is so great! Eliminates carrying a lock since it’s built right into the seat. Quick and secure.

    Jonathan Weiner
    Our Second Seaty Lock

    Great product. Comfortable. Unique. And easy to use.

    Michael Spera
    Very Happy with my SeatyLock

    This has been the perfect solution to two problems. I own three ebikes, all with uncomfortable seats and no place to store a lock. I already replaced one of the seats with a much more comfortable one just before I learned of Seatylock, so I was a little hesitant to spend money for another seat not knowing if I was taking a step backwards in comfort. After much research on the seat and the lock, I ordered the Seatylock and two additional adaptors. Now, with an adaptor mounted on each bike, I just move the seat to the bike that I will be using on my ride, and I also have a quality lock neatly stored away. I was very surprised how comfortable the seat is, even more comfortable than my replacement seat. My rides are typically 20 to 25 miles lasting for about one and half hours with no soreness during or after the ride. The lock makes it easy to lock and unlock the bike and easy to store the lock away. Two problems solved.

    Michael Singer

    Had the original Seatylock on the frame but not able to mount a bottle holder! Skeptical at first but decided to try it and it’s really a brilliant concept. Seat is comfortable and the lock is easy to use. And I now have bottle holder.

    David Cornog
    Great Product

    Seatylock is a wonderful product. It locks the bike and locks the seal at the same time. Seatylock has very fast delivery. And although has no phone numbers, is responsive to e-mail requests and stands behind their products. The quality of construction is very good and it appears that the lock is as rugged as can be expected. It is one of the best bicycle products I have purchased. I have two.

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