Carton of 6 Viking Gold 140 - SEATYLOCK


Carton of 6 Viking Gold 140

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The Viking chain lock provides the ultimate protection with its 18/18 maximum security, company ranking, and a Sold Secure Gold Certification. Just as its name implies, the Viking stands for strength and durability, a perfect solution for high risk security needs in theft ridden areas. The Viking was created to combine maximum security needs with user-friendly features that are usually absent in bulky, heavy chain locks.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 13 reviews
    Nichole Atkins
    Great product!

    So happy with this lock!

    A must have

    Great lock. I feel secure that my e-bike will stay put. I use 2 seaty locks because my studded tires need protection as well.

    Heavy Sturdy Lock

    I've been using the Viking Chain Lock 110 for about a month now and it's one of the best locks I've owned. It is on the heavy side, but for reasons that make it more secure. The sleave and protective shell help prevent the chain scraping the metal of the bike frame. The length is perfect for tightly securing the frame and front wheel to most bike racks. It is snug, so may not be long enough for wider poles or other wide objects.

    Nathan Lee

    Weighs about 8 lbs but well worth it when it has to be protected

    Perfect Heavy Duty Bike Lock

    Love this lock! It's super beefy and solid - a great deterrent for theft. The 140 gives ample length to put it through a bike frame and secure it to something thick, like a pole or post, without running out of length. Highly recommend to our friends with expensive e-bikes. YouTube video placeholder
    Todd Tatham
    Solid, and Protected

    This is a great lock. It is long enough to get rear tire, frame, and post on my ebike. It is fully wrapped in neoprene and protects against scratches. The locking mechanism is smooth, and you do not have to fiddle with it to turn the key. I also like the magnetic feature that makes it easy to get the lock and chain closed before turning the key. I would buy this again.

    Andrew Podolsky
    Probably best in class

    Good quality build , strong , easy to use . 90 cm is short for ebike , 140 is perfect , a bit heavy.

    WNY Taxman
    Viking Chain Lock

    The lock is solid and very well made. I don’t think anyone could cut it without some pretty extended effort.

    Philip Ptak
    Awesome Lock!!!

    Excellent Product....Works very well....Be forewarned it is very heavy....The only issue I have is occasionally it is difficult to join the 2 halves together....That is due to the weight and the angle the lock might be in depending on what you are locking it to....Picture shows the lock stored perfectly under the milk crate on top of the rear fender.....

    Aixa Tofilo
    The way to go!

    This is the lock to get if you want to ensure that your bike is not stolen. Rated Gold. We also use a Seaty Foldy lock on the same ebike and feel confident that out bike is safe. Thank you.

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