is a hybrid product combining a bicycle seat and a lock in one. Basically, it's a sturdy, folding bike lock featuring a unique structure that forms a seat. It connects to the bicycle's seat post with a special universal adaptor. When mounted on top of the seat post it functions just as a normal bike seat. Following a few easy steps, the  unfolds and turns into a one meter long lock. Watch Seatylock Operation video , Watch Seatylock Video


This revolutionary idea was created to solve a number of problems that concern millions of urban riders around the world. Saddle theft, for example, is a major issue. Hundreds of bike saddles are stolen every day - leaving riders no choice but to take their saddles with them. Let alone the burden of carrying the saddle wherever they go, they also need to adjust its position every time they put it back on. Another issue is the fact that most high security locks are bulky, ugly and not really user friendly. In a reality where elegance and comfort are as important, for riders, as security - those locks do not comply with the new spectrum of demands.


The  was designed to play a double role - it functions as a seat while riding, and as a lock when parking. being just a seat, while riding, it does not intervene with the natural lines and esthetics of the bike, and actually gives the sensation of riding without a lock. If anything, it gives a stylish touch, since it comes in various models, sizes and colors to suit the bicycle's style and the rider's personal taste. Used as a lock, when parking, the saddle is naturally locked - so saddle theft is out of the question. Operating the transition between those two phases is super easy and intuitive - It usually takes less than 10 seconds. Adjusting the  position is only done once, and since the adaptor is fixed to the seat post, it will maintain its exact position time and time again.  

 designers did not trade off security for comfort, they have invested many resources to make the  as secure as it is comfortable and user friendly. Meeting the highest standards, its components are made of a high quality hardened steel, the links are joined by a drilling-protected rivets. The cylinder itself is drilling protected as well, and features a picking proof automotive standard mechanism concept that can provide over 1,000,000 combinations. The designers did not spare the quality of materials and build as well. All metal parts are either stainless or treated to withstand extreme environments. Plastic parts are all UV protected and made of a military-grade reinforced compound - enabling the  to maintain a fresh look and a smooth function for a long time.


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