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Our story

 Seatylock is all about innovation - discovering ways to invent new concepts and thinking out of the box. Our team is composed of members coming from all different walks of life, design, security, manufacturing, and our varied experiences and career paths have allowed us to come up with new ideas during our collaborations. While we have varying backgrounds, we all share one trait in common; we all love to ride our bikes, and we see a city’s cycling activity as the lifeblood which keeps a city going. It’s the rhythm of a city which makes that particular city unique in its own way. You can have so many fresh experiences, and meet so many new people when you ride bikes, as opposed to driving in cars or taxis.


The problem however, is that if bike riding isn’t made safe and convenient for its population, then its citizens will turn to other modes of transportation instead. As bike riders who care about urban riding ourselves, we poured our heart and soul into making sure that Seatylock is everything a rider can ask for, and we’ve engineered it out of ONLY the highest quality materials, in order to make sure it’s not only strong, but also durable. We hope you love Seatylock as much as we do.


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