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What is Foldylock?

 is a family of premium folding bike locks. Folding lock is a concept of bike locks that are made of steel links connected by steel rivets. This basic configuration allows those locks to form a circle when locking the bike and to be folded into a small case when riding - therefore its name...

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The concept of the folding lock is relatively new. It was developed to join the benefits of two traditional locks - the "Chain lock" and the "U lock", both have weaknesses as well. The Chain lock is very flexible and can lock the bike to a variety of objects, but its protection level is mostly low and it is bulky for riding. The U lock, on the other hand, is mostly ranked high on the protection scale, But the same build concept that makes it so secure, also makes it very inconvenient to use - It's iconic shape "D" or "U" is solid, so it limits the variety of objects it can lock the bike to, and it is always in full size - even while riding. Folding locks, like a U lock, ranks high on the protection scale, thanks to its tough build - but it also has the flexibility of a Chain lock, due to its unique configuration. Unlike both locks it can also be folded into a small case while riding.


 is one of the latest folding locks in the market, that is one of the reasons why it is the best one riders can get today. Our designers have studied thoroughly a variety of branded locks, analyzing its flaws and weak points - all conclusions were translated into solutions that were applied to the  in the development process. The main goal was to make it better than its rivals in every aspect - Look & Feel, Usability, size, weight and protection level.


 family counts 3 models - "Compact", "Classic" and "Clipster". All 3 were developed to comply with different customer needs and market demands. The models differ from each other by size\weight, security level and style.



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