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Seatylock company was founded in 2008 with a main goal of setting new standards in the bike protection industry, providing the market with products that are one level above all others. Seatylock consists of originators hailing from all walks of life, whose varied experiences establish the collaborative ground upon which the freshest ideas grow. "We love to ride our bicycles, and believe that a city's cycling activity is its lifeblood. Our team pours its heart and soul into making sure Seatylock is everything riders ask for". When it comes to locks, main objective, obviously, is security and protection. But since those are hands-on products that are used everyday - comfort, usability and style are just as important. Unlike many other companies in this business, we design, produce and assemble each of our products in-house, including cylinders and keys. This fact allows us to be flexible in the design process, keep patents exclusive and control quality along production. It is our unique system and our method to fulfill our destination

How to take care it?


Security is in first priority when it comes to locks, naturally. And since our products are designated for the urban environment, where security requirements are high, this element is seriously controlled and regulated. All of our products are regularly tested and rated by the laboratories of the British institute, Sold Secure, in order to meet the proper security standards. Our own security scale scheme, which labels our products, is equivalent to Sold Secure's security levels - from Silver rating, through gold and up to Diamond. Common sense says that Security equals weight, and since bike locks are portable objects, it is essential to make them balanced for this equation rule. This is why we design each of our products to meet a specific rating, in order to fit perfectly for its category and to avoid excessive security associated weight


Innovation is a key element in our product development process and a lead concept in the perception that making the best products requires creativity and exploring uncharted territories. We use innovation as a tool to make our products more secure, more user-friendly and stylish. The company owns numerous official registered patents, so every single one of our products has innovative feature implemented in it - making each of them the leader of its category. We are aware of the complexities that goes along with this approach, but believe that only a long way can get us far


No one wants a lock, right? a lock is something you need - an accessory you would avoid if you could.. This attitude has led many security companies to neglect the aesthetic values of the locks they produce. We have the complete opposite approach on this - we believe that locks can be a well crafted objects, and should be just as desirable as any other part or accessory in this industry. after all, it is quite visible and represent its user, to some extent. We make huge efforts designing our locks to meet the esthetic perception of our users. We are regularly attending the biggest annual events and sending our products to most prestigious product design competitions. So far we have won the IF Design (Taiwan cycle show), Red dot and EPDM

Our partners
We work with partners across the globe, introducing innovative and secure locking solutions to consumers all over the world


We strive to be the very best with everything we touch, and are well on our way to become the greatest bicycle lock manufacturer in the world.

As avid bike riders ourselves, we pour our heart and soul into making sure Seatylock is everything we riders ask for, and strictly engineered it out of the highest quality materials, ensuring it's not only strong but also durable.
We hope you love Seatylock as much as we do

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