Carton of 6 Seatylocks Trekking Stripes Black (6*SL001TRSTBK) - SEATYLOCK


Carton of 6 Seatylocks Trekking Stripes Black (6*SL001TRSTBK)

This item is available for U.S dealers ONLY! 

A sleek, aero-dynamic seat which quickly and conveniently turns into a great bike lock. Fast and easy to take on and off. Trekking model designed for optimal for agility.

Seatylock operation video

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 136 reviews
    genius product!

    I had several seats stolen before getting this product. Not only the Seatylock prevents this, but also allows me to get rid of the bulky lock I was carrying everywhere. Great product, get service!

    Yoni Rozenshein
    For the second time, I love my Seatylock!

    I had an old Seatylock (Kickstarter Edition) since the original Kickstarter many years ago, and it has served me so well, for over 7 years! It even survived a theft attempt!
    After 7 years of extensive use, the fabric (upholstery) of the saddle had just started to wear out, and also the lock frame had annoying scratch marks around the point where the thieves had tried to break it.
    I recently got myself a new bike, and thought to try going back to the more common locking setup - a U-lock attached to the bike frame with an attachment.
    I tried it for a month, and it was so inconvenient compared to the Seatylock I've grown accustomed to! I just couldn't go back :)
    And the added weight is more or less the same as a good U-lock, which I would have on my bike anyway, so weight is not really an issue (don't forget you're removing your seat when installing Seatylock, which you're not doing with a U-lock). And it's easier to lock Seatylock around certain shapes of fences. It's just more convenient all around!
    So, I fixed the old fabric and scratches by just getting a new Seatylock for my new bike and I'm in love all over again! <3

    Jared Wright
    Brilliant design

    We bought the seat post locks and we're very happy with them. This shoulda been invented decades ago.

    Christina Dönnhoff
    Eine gelungenes Weihnachtsgeschenk

    War als Geschenk für meinen Partner gedacht. Kam vor Weihnachten an(und das aus den USA) und wird nun sehr viel genutzt. Laut dem Beschenkten ist der Sitz sehr stabil und sehr gut in der alltäglichen Anwendung (er fährt fast täglich mit dem Rad zu Arbeit, auch im Winter).
    Kurzum: sehr zufrieden:)

    Simon Davies
    Super seat, super lock and great customer service!

    Got a new seat for a second bike because I loved the first so much! Great customer service - went out of their way to ship it to me in an unusual location. Really appreciate it!
    Thank you!

    James Russell
    Great lock - well designed

    Thanks for putting so much thought into the design and functionality of your lock - we love it (and our e-bike loves it also).

    Sasa Galic
    Simply the best

    Comfortable, usable, easy to install. Easy to use. Great support. Having first one for 5y and no problems whatsoever. Now have two for two bikes.

    Cuong Tran
    Seatylock review

    When I got the seatylock The set up was easy, the seat was really comfy and it’s good for a quick stop at any shop to lock it.

    samuel romero

    Excellente seat and very comfortable


    I cannot say enough things about this lock! What a great space saver and amazing security with this lock. I also get a lot of folks commenting how amazing my bike looks with this seat/lock. Very satisfied with this product!!!

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